Thursday, May 1, 2014

Maypole Cupcakes

Art in the kitchen. It's easy to return from France with a renewed love for food.  Today, I was dreaming up new dish after dish and wanted to slip this one in just for you! Happy May Day. Happy May Pole Cupcakes.

I've noticed quite often there can be a fine line between artist and baker.  I think the two can overlap. With just a little imagination these favorite chocolate cupcakes looked like the perfect place to lift our May Poles! Just follow be below to do the same! Happy May Day!
Frosted Cupcakes*, ribbon, wood skewers, white paper flowers, scissors if necessary, green washi tape for leaves, optional.

How to make a May Pole Cupcake:

- Using one piece of ribbon as a gage, measure 1 length of ribbon to fit over the cupcake. To make streamers like these, cut 2 different shades. Cut 3 pieces per cupcake. 

- Hold a wooden skewer next to the cupcake and clip it at the desired height. To make may poles like the ones made here, I left about 4 inches showing above the cupcake.

- Insert the wood skewer into the center of the cupcake, leaving the pointy side up. 

- Find the middle of the ribbon and spear all three ribbons on it, in the middle.

- Place the white paper flower on top.

- Add washi leaves, if desired.

- May Poles ready for the party. This is a quick and easy assembly for a last minute gift. Give these instead of may baskets or make for a party of yourselves!

Happy May Day Making!
Willowday wishes

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  1. Love love love these. The perfect month of May dessert!

    1. Oh, jillian, thank you so much for taking the time to comment. These seem like they'd fit perfectly into your lush italian surroundings!


Thank you!