Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fathers Day Pillow Cases

Even Superdads rest.

I'm on a mission to give all Superdads, everywhere in the world, a chance to rest their beautiful heads.  

These personalised Superdad Pillow Cases are not only very easy to make but, are made with everyday supplies.  If you were here yesterday and are joining us in making Superdad an Etched Grill Set, maybe you, too, would like to add these or choose between one of the two Superdad projects that you feels fits your personal Dad-hero. Just click below for the full post, technique and template...

Living in Sweden, I'm always on the look out for projects with materials that are available all over the world.  I've experimented with many different print making methods and this is one of the most simple using everyday, ordinary,  materials -- but celebrating someone extraordinary! It would make me so happy to know all Superdads will have an equal chance to be celebrated in this way. 

Wishing you and your Superheros the best and lots of fun making these pillowcases for Dad! Continue below for the full tutorial.

1 White Pillowcase, Pencil or pen, X-acto knife, Fabric Paint, Paint Brush,  Double Sided-Tape, Paper*, template, found at the end of the post.

(*The thicker the paper the better but, ordinary letterhead paper will work. If you have access to Freezer paper this works great, as well.)

Let's Make:
- Before getting started, it is important to begin with a pillowcase that has been pre-laundered and ironed.  If it is not laundered this could impair how the paint adheres to the pillowcase and ironed so that the fabric will be crease-free and flat.

- Using the size of your pillowcase as a guide, draw pattern on your paper.  If you would like to use our template, continue to the bottom of this post to find the stencil templates. 

- Now, cut away all areas that will be painted. Pay attention to keeping the paper in one piece. 

- Once the template has been cut, place double sided glue onto the pattern along the cut edges. It is very important to have a smooth, tight fit along all edges or there is a risk that the paint could run. This is very important. Take your time to cut this and place the tape very carefully.

- When the template has the double-sided tape, lay this directly on to the pillowcase in the exact final locations you would like to have the pattern printed. Carefully press along the edges of the pattern to seal the edges well.

- With the template in place, begin painting very slowly and deliberately. Paint along the edges in the direction of the lines, not into the lines which might cause the edge to move. If there is an edge that you are concerned about, you can hold the paint brush straight up and down and dab the paint on. 

- When the area to be painted has been filled, let this paint dry.

- When the paint is dry enough to handle (in about 30 minutes), carefully, carefully, peel away the paper to reveal the pattern.

- If there are any edges that are uneven, you can very carefully paint along the edge, freehand, to even this up but, if you have taped the edges well, the edges will be crisp. 

- Let dry recommended time on the fabric paint directions.

Top Left: This is an example of a freehand pattern. You may print out a template here, if you prefer.  Top Right: Cut out the area that will be painted. Bottom Left: Carefully, carefully tape along all edges with double-sided tape. You can see this process half-way through, above. Bottom Right: Press the pattern directly in place on the pillowcase. 
Above: Paint the open area with fabric paint.

Fathers Day Pillow Case Template as PDF: (Click on links below for PDF Stencils)
For correct sizing, these are two pieces which you may tape together to create one pillow sized stencil:

Happy Superdad Making. Willowday Wishes, too.

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  1. What a great pillow! Love the way this looks! If you have a second to come by and link up with us at The Makers (over at, that would be great!

    1. Alexis, thank you so much both for coming by and for the invitation! I look forward to coming by!


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