Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekend Round Up

Happy Friday Night from Sweden!

Happy Weekend! Easter Break officially began in our house tonight. I'm working overtime to get ahead after getting away, last week (here) and soon taking off with my family. Are you traveling for the holidays? Are you feeling creative or ready to relax?

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Unpacking our Glitter Eggs (here) / Facebook Page Art

At Willowday, this past week: 
- Chalk Painted Eggs (here) 
Surprise Eggs (here)
Sharpie Easter Eggs (here)
Inspirational Road Trip to Dalarna
Sharpie Easter Eggs

If you'd like to personalise your Easter Outfits:
- Make bunny necklaces (here) 
- Sew Collars that tie (here.)
And, if you feel like you'd like to keep the sewing machine out: Bunny Basket Pillows (here.) 

PS: If you missed this, I have a new Facebook address. Please come find me at my new address: Willowday's New Facebook Page.

It's been great to meet old and new faces this week on willowday's new Facebook Page! Thank you for your support, for spreading the word and meeting us here. 

Happy Friday! Willowday wishes.

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