Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sharpie Easter Eggs

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Happy Weekend! Do you have a local color or pattern that's often used to represent your area of the world or maybe something that's unique to you? Decorating with Sharpies is so simple and gave us such fun results, we'd love to see yours, too. 
Inspired by handicrafts in an area of Sweden called Dalarna, we pulled out a few Swedish "Dalahast" from our collection, along with red, yellow, green and blue Sharpies and doodled away. The lines and colors lent themselves perfectly for Sharpies. These eggshells were too pretty to just let be: (here)
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  1. These are soo beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration! Welcome back. Loved reading about your latest adventure. I travel vicariously through my favorite bloggers travel experience lol!

    1. Oh, you make my day in every day! Thank you! I'd never tried Sharpie Eggs before and was so happy that I could get an effect out that I wanted. Have fun!


Thank you!