Tuesday, April 29, 2014


We reached for the sky and ... (click below)

and still feel the pull, since returning.  I want to send you wishes to reach this week, too!

We're back from our two week school holiday in the south of France (here) and our time away is still with us.  I thank our lucky stars that we have family speckling this coast and although the area is not new to us, it's exquisite beauty strikes me every, single, time.  Apparently, I repeated the word exquisite so regularly that our youngest asked me one day, if I thought I might be able to find another word to describe it instead.  Little did he know that this relaxed, kid, comment could turn cool, beach, mom into teaching mom in less than a blink of the eye and there we were, playing a car game of synonyms. Pretty. Beautiful. Superb, they said... but, no: exquisite it is. Exquisite it was. Exquisite is what it will always be.

If you follow along on instragram (here) you've seen bits and pieces.  Getting away and a new perspectives always renews me. Are you the same? I'll work as fast as I can to get back here and until then, willowday wishes to reach!
Are you ready for Mother's Day (here | here | here | here)? I'm mailing out new projects that I will share with you soon, too!

I realize that it's been a while since I've shared things from the kitchen. With Valborg this week, I'm planning time with the kids for baking (here.) Are you baking or cooking with your kids? Do you picnic? (We love them so much, we even picnic in the winter. here) Is there something special you're looking for? My heart beats both for green weekdays but, has space for splurgy party treats, too! 

And, what about art? Do you have bigger kids like me, and want ideas to keep their creativity free and flowing or toddlers? I plan a mix and really try to share very simple projects, here, that we've tried and tested that are adaptable for most ages. The designer in me can't resist printables and I have a few of these planned, too! 

I'm working through ideas for Summer fun and, as always, love to hear from you! I want to give you a wonderful willowday summer!

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