Wednesday, April 23, 2014

At the end of the day

Hello from the south of France and our Spring Break. These beautiful words fit our current state of mind like a glove and I wonder if they might fit you, too...

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I have so much to share with you, next week, after our fantastic time away. I want to hold on to this feeling when we return and truly forget how magnificently beautiful this corner of the world is every time we visit. In the nicest of ways, I wish you dirty feet --- and definitely sparkling eyes! Until we meet again, willowday wishes.

I'm posting on Instragram. If you are there too, I'd love it if you came by willowdaygram! or my new Facebook Page! I'd be so happy if you'd like willowday + stay in touch. I don't want to loose track of you with the move and am also so happy to meet new faces, too!

Yes, as always, we do a travel journal (here + here.) I can't wait to share what we've made this year and was so happy to use tools that I brought back from Dalarna for making them. Do you keep travel journals? To me, they're treasures.

Plus: At the end...thank you for the quote, Mari, Bigfor small. It was perfect in every way.


Thank you!