Tuesday, April 22, 2014

10 Quick and Easy Earth Day Projects

Hi and Happy Earth Day from Provence!

I've gathered 10 Quick and Easy Earth Day Projects and pulled out the above, Leaf Jump Ropes because I remember an earlier visit here, when our daughter didn't walk, she hopped every where we went! Has that stage passed through your house, too?

Click below to hop through 10 Quick and Easy Earth Day Projects, too... Happy Making!

1. Flower Crown | 2. Butterfly Houses | 3. Paint Rocks | 4. Light Bulb Vase | 5. Leaf Jump Rope or Leaf Garland | 6.Pod Book Marks

not pictured above, just click to link
7. Feather Wreath or Dream Catchers | 8. Tiny Wreaths | 9. Twig Stars | 10. Re-cycled Jeans Pencil Cases and more on willowday, recycled


  1. All the best childhood memories! Wonderful post! Your offereings juust make me happy! Thanks again!

    1. That's just such a nice comment. Thank you so much! Happy day!


Thank you!