Tuesday, April 29, 2014

10 Handmade Mother's Day Gifts

10 Handmade willowday projects for everyone to make for Mom.

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Are you starting to plan for Mother's Day? Handprints, flowers and jewelry are all on top of my own list and I can see that projects that include these are well represented here! (With hand holding, a big #1.)  Although we've only had two willowday Mothers Days together, I see that we have managed to make many projects perfect for Mom and hope this will bring you something to start with! 

This year's Mother's Day gifts are all ready to be mailed and i'll share with you soon. Until then, happy making and happy planning.

Make Mom Naturally Dyed Napkins (or table cloth)

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  1. Well, the handmade gifts makes heart feel happiness. These handmade gifts are perfect gift for mother's day. Thanks for sharing these idea with us. For wide range of handmade gifts visit http://www.handicraftsinindia.in

    1. Thank you so much, Handmade Gifts! I'm afraid that I'm finding this late but, happy making!

  2. I love the tea bags idea, they are so cute! And I like the little vases too, they are so easy to make. I like simple diy ;-)

    1. I really appreciate your comment, Virginie. Thank you. Yes, the vases are such a great way to recycle + add color. Our daughter just snuck Orangina bottles in her suitcases from a recent trip to France and I'm imagining that their rough surface would make beautiful vases and plan to give this a try again soon, too! Many thanks


Thank you!