Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to make heart-shaped pom-poms

Love is in the air. Do you feel it, too? I can think of no sweeter way to get started with Valentine's Day preparations than by making these Heart-Shaped Pom-poms! 

These are a great first " specialty pom-pom" if you've never made one other than the classics before. I can think of 1 million ways to use these and would love to see how you use this tutorial. Pom-pom lovers unite -- just follow me below for the full tutorial. How to make heart-shaped pom-poms:

Supplies: red yarn, scissors, pom-pom maker, if you like but, I seem to always return to this simple method, click here. 

1. Once you have a basic pom-pom it's time to start snipping. (At this time your pom-pom should look very ragged and uneven.)
2. Start Trimming it into a tighter ball.
3. Once you have a tighter ball, gradually sheer away the edges in a heart shape.
4. The tighter the ball, the more precise you will trim. About 1/2 of the original pom-pom will be trimmed away.
If you look at the photos below, you can see that the basic shape is not longer ragged and frayed and at this point, the shaping will begin. I found that if I pressed down to flatten the pom-pom, I could get an area with which to cut the edges. Once the bottom v and edges have been formed, it's time to snip off the top of the heart.

The secret is in the trimming. Continue to trim until you have a heart and happy making!

How will you use these? Make a collections? Top a baby hat? Make a bouquet or cake topper, like this Valeinte's cake,  I found on pinterst: (here) or here. I've wanted to try these out before I made them with the kids. Now that I have, I plan organize a small group of creative kids. Oh, I can't wait.  I also think that they make a great gift. Share and make. I'd just love to see how you use this tutorial. Spread the love!  Happy willowday!
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  1. Replies
    1. thank you so much, lulu! I hope you have a quite moment and that you can sit down and make these, too!

  2. "Heart"-felt thanks!! I'm so happy to hear from you and hope you'll have the chance to make these, too!

  3. oh, you're good. you're very good! : ) xoxo

    1., you put the pressure on! :-) TRY these! They're amazingly simple but endlessly fun! We're crazy about making these!

  4. Yay! Pom-poms are my favorite! I think I'll make a few of these to top my little ones' teacher gifts for Valentine's Day!! xx

    1. Stephanie, thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I love the idea of making these for teacher gifts. I'd love to see what you do! Happy Making!

  5. Good morning!

    I love pompons, and it's the first time I see one in a heart shape. I think it's a cute & original idea. I like it :)

    1. Thank you so much, Regina. I hope you'll have the chance to try!

  6. Sorry!!! Now I found the link!!! Thanks!!!


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