Saturday, February 22, 2014

Favorite Books: Maps

I can't let the Olympics come to a close, without sharing this book with you.  Don't you love picture books that can be enjoyed by all ages? We found Maps, by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinski, at the Tate Gallery in London, last week. I knew it would make the perfect gift for our youngest son who's been extremely interested in flags and maps all year.  It's also a book that I love to have on the coffee table.

The Olympics have only sped up the household desire to learn more and place "the flags of the world." I've been fielding so many questions that I just can't answer like: "What does the Maldivian Flag look like or what languages do they speak in Tonga?" This book contains the answers. Each continent is broken down and within each country there are drawings and texts with oodles of interesting facts for all ages: capital, language, population, an illustration of the flag and much, much, more.
I think books make perfect souvenirs. They give us a chance to meet and to share. Our youngest two have been determined that we should move to Hawaii over the past year but, now their Hawaiin research has been erased from our chalk wall and is being replaced new ideas.  

This book, also gave me a reason to share this photo snapped of chalk flags on Trafalgar Square, just because --- which otherwise, might have just been forgotten and erased. Now: watch out Grandpa we don't have a good drive away for chalk drawings, but you do for our next visit! 

Is it the history of London that makes my think so "mappy?" Last year, when our youngest and I went to London, I pulled out another, very different mapping book, and had him make a "map jounal" of our trip that is now a wonderful keep sake. That book gives such a unique way to tell a story. 

Although,  we've moved well into chapter books, I find that the boys absolutely love fact books and look at these endlessly. We've added a lot of historic figure and fact books to our libraries, but, I can still find a place for many of our favorite picture books and wonder if I'll ever empty the shelves of favorites. I can find reasons to reference them for many reasons -- holidays to class projects and find that a well-written picture book can inspire for a very long time. Do you feel the same?

I'd love to hear in you have a favorite map or flag book, too? Have the Olympics influenced the talk of the world around us, in your house, too? 

Happy Weekend! Happy Holidays, if you are on holidays, too!

Maps of London or here: Favorite Book: My Map Book
The Snowy Day by Ezra Keats


  1. I can't believe many people do not like reading maps. I love to read maps and outline where we are traveling not only on a car trip but also on buses and trains. GPS's certainly have their place, but give me a map also.

    Bye, bye Olympics. One realizes how small the world is, and how similar we all really are. I liked everything in the Olympics -- even the Curling.

    1. I love meeting another like-minded map lover. Me, too. I prefer paper any day and also love world maps so that the kids put places into perspective. Yes, the Olympics is just a wonderful way to make the world meet and to make it a little smaller -- a little warmer. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Happy Week!

  2. : ) I bought this for my son (me really!) for Christmas. It's a lovely book : )
    We're in mourning for the Olympics : ( looking forward to the next one though : )

    1. Hi Sian, It's so nice to hear from you. I hope your son loves the book like ours does! He literally takes it to bed every night and told me a few days ago "I don't know what it is about this book but I can't stop reading it." ... He's asking me about places in the world that are definitely off our beat and path! Always so nice to hear from you!


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