Monday, January 20, 2014

Cut + Fold Paper Snowmen

So, this is what it feels like to live in a snow globe. We've had so much light and fluffy snow, it's hard not to be affected by it. Are you ready for a new wintery art project, too? Pull out your paper, we've found a great way to bring our current state of mind to you. Oh, we think these snowy paper fellas are dangerously cute and hope you do, too.

Happy Monday, everyone! I love hearing from all of you, readers; and, when you write from a warm climate, I always feel a little pang of "how can we share our current fun with you, too?" So, today... drum roll, please: here come non-melting snowmen; available for travel from both poles to the equators! Just follow us below for more: printable templates and tutorial below!

... they won't ask for "just one bite."

Let's make:
supplies: 2 pieces white card stock (I think 220 grams is perfect), 1 scrap piece of black construction paper and 1 scrap piece of orange (for carrot + coal), hot glue gun or double sided tape (we've assembled these both with a hot glue gun or with double sided adhesive tape), snow man template (here), cutting tool (Xacto knife), Tape, boning tool (optional, see below)

How to:
1. Print out template: (A4 PDF | click here) or (US letterhead PDF | click here)
2. Place print out on top of white card stock. Tape edges to keep the template from slipping off the card stock. Cut two.
3. Carefully cut outer edge of template.
4. Score the fold with the back side of your xacto knife or with a boning tool.
(It works to score directly on the template if you use enough pressure without removing the tape and template; avoiding slippage.)
5. Once cut, carefully, fold the shape and tape (or glue) all flaps carefully into place*. Make two shapes.
6. Cut out black eyes and orange nose.
7. Set one shape on top of the other and glue or tape them together (one on top of another)
8. Glue (or tape) eyes and nose into place.
9. Tah dah! Your snowman is ready!
* These would make a fantastic party craft (I would suggest pre-cutting + scoring the templates out ahead of time) or party favors, too. If you would like to add these to a party as party favors, leave one flap unsealed, fill snowman with goodies and close that flap. Apply tape as extra support, if necessary.

Cut + Fold Paper Snowman
1. (A4 PDF | click here) or (US letterhead PDF | click here)
2. JPG: Click on image below for the jpeg alternative + print to fit)

Click on image above for this jpg + print or above for PDF)
Happy Making!

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    1. Thank you so much, Pysselbolaget! That's so kind!!

  3. Nice read! I like the suggestions.

  4. I love your ideas and your site. Always inspiring and beautiful.

    1. Oh, you make my blush -- and make my day. What a thoughtful comment and way to help ease out more inspiration, too! I look forward to meeting you back here, soon!

  5. Help1 I want to make the cut and fold snowman for my cub scouts, but when I go to print it - it only gives me a portion of the template. How can I get the whole thing to show up? Thanks.

    1. Thank you so much for asking! I really want you to be able to print and enjoy these. So: A question:
      Did you see that there are two formats? 1) US letterhead PDF and 2) European A4 PDF? Choose the correct format for your area of the world then, make sure that you choose the correct printing format, too. Both choosing the incorrect format or not having the printer set for the correct format are the first two items I think of.

      Please don't hesitate to be in touch and leave a message here or email me at willowtweet (at) gmail (dot) com if you need any more assistance and I wish you happy printing and making!


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