Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Reindeer Inspiration

Happy Tuesday...
links: tree / printable (willowday) / kids art / typogrophy / photo / reindeer cookies (not shown)

.... Thanksgiving, Advent, Lucia, Christmas, New Years, Fete de Rois + more! So much happening around us that I'd love to share ( -- and will!)

Are you enjoying Advent Calenders? (here + here)
Do you make teacher gifts (like these or these) ? Gifts for family members? How's your shopping? Do you plan ahead or are you a last minute shopper? What about Christmas cards? Do you take an annual Christmas photo or to you glean photos from the year? Do you mail a traditional Christmas card? As I'm still waiting to decide on our photo, I'm toying with the idea of embracing the French tradition to mail out New Years Cards, rather than Christmas cards --- maybe something to adapt, if I miss the Swedish cut off date for special Christmas postage rates that alludes me every, single, year... was the the 14th, the 15th?

 ... making a list, checking it twice....

But, before I go, I wanted to check in with you. Here's your chance to please let me know if there's something very special you're still wishing for from willowday this year! Do you want to know what we're buying in Sweden? Gifts to make? Printable Cards? Ideas for decorations? How we're gussying up for the holidays? I can't make promises but, if there's something on your willowday wish list, I'd love to hear from you!  In the meantime, I wish you a wonderful Tuesday and a little reindeer play.

Warm Willowday Wishes!


  1. Hi Gina, I'd love to see a round up of how Christmas is celebrated in Sweden : )
    also a little fairy to help me get everything ready here! x

  2. HI Sian! It's wonderful to hear from you! Lots of Swedish celebrating this past week but, I've had a week of computer problems all week --it's makes hearing from you extra nice ( -- and motivational.) Thank you! I hope you find a good fairy in your region! :-)


Thank you!