Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Printable: Make Paper Feathers

Hello friends. We're thinking of all of the things we're thankful for this week. In the days ahead, I'll be back here to share several projects that we've been making, sending and sharing that are for everyone, every where; but, inspired from celebration around us.  I had visions of dipping real feathers this season but, after a lovely creative session with Fideli (here), I decided to add paper feathers to our celebrations this year. If you click below on "read more" you'll see how these were made and find a printable template...
Living abroad has caused me to reflect on what I'd like to pass on to the kids from this holiday and for me, the beautiful essence this holiday is so pure and simple: thankfulness --- a time to reflect on the things one is thankful for.   I'm thankful for meeting you here and wish you many reasons to be thankful, too --- wishes for everyone, anywhere, without bounds. 

The top image is our "Thanksgiving" branch with greets us by our front door. In the past, we've always used leaves on which we write things that we're each thankful for and then, string these from branches which make up a central "thankful tree."  Sometimes, change is fun. Continue below for template and how to make these, too, below...

To make Paper Feathers
supplies: paper, cutting tool (scissors or xacto knife), thin wire (gardening wire or even pipe cleaners will do) and items for embellishment, if desired; glitter, colors, etc.
1. Print Template (here)
2. Cut our feathers.
3. Using the prefered cutting tool (scissors or xacto knife) cut in the 
4. To make these, we cut and painted our paper feathers with glitter and embellishments, then, strung these onto a branch for our "thankful branch" this year. Continue below to see how we made these. I love it when I can see how you use my tutorials, too


  1. I love it when you post these simple ideas - the post-school afternoon slump is suddenly sorted! x

    1. Oh, your comment makes my day! Happy happy afternoon making! (stay tuned! there's more coming!)

  2. thanks for sharing tis dear gina !! i m so thankful to you i needed a feather to make a diary for a present... luv u xoxoxoxo


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