Friday, November 8, 2013


Hay House was on the top of my "places to visit" in Copenhagen, last weekend. We made it there -- twice! For more about Hay and 5 things I love at Hay, click below on "read more"...
Hay House is a design store located in the center of Copenhagen. Here there are 2 floors and many rooms where Hay's fresh and innovative designs are showcased. Even if you're only looking for a little inspiration or eye candy, Hay House has something for everyone. Those plants in the window are real and were one of the many unexpected little details we found on our memorable visit.

5 things I  love: 1.  plisse | 2.  gym hooks  | 3. loop stand wardrobe | 4. a b c wool letters | 5. box box

If you're not familiar with Hay. I love the story behind the husband and wife team, Rolf and Mette Hay, who collaborate and design high quality design goods.  Their design philosophy was to build on design innovations and technology, while at the same time, making good design accessible. 

Nordic geography and weather certainly affect lifestyles this far north. It's very easy to see that Scandinavians put a lot of efforts into the interiors of their houses.  Up until 10 years ago, Arne Jacobsen felt  as though he were the Design Ambassador of Denmark but, this is changing. When the Hay's opened shop 11 years ago, design talk of Denmark was centered on 50s and 60's. Today, the couple have really changed the conversation. In addition to their own work, the couple collaborate with other Danish designers but, are now reaching well beyond Denmark doing current collaborations with designers such as  Clara von Zweigbergk and Shane Schenck from Sweden; and to the south: Stefan Diez from Germany, Big Game from Belgium, Lucien Gumy from Switzerland, Inga Sempé from France, Lex Pott from the Netherlands, and to the west: Doshi Levien from London. Next step, US; one can only wonder? 

I'm very interested in interiors, product design and have had a long love of the Danish in particular.  What do you think about Danish design? A fan, couldn't give two hoots -- something you know your parents had in your house when you were a kid? I'm so interested to hear what you think?  Wishes for a wonderful Friday!

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* "hej" is "hello" in Swedish and sounds just like the word hay.


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