Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy Weekend

The coming holidays really fill the season, but I do so just love it all. Scooting around my neighborhood, I spotted this staircase and realized that a picture was worth 1,000 words.

The week in review:

- I'm so excited to bring you this book in a willowday GIVE AWAY (here) for Fideli Sundqvist's new book, I Love Paper, which is filled with fantastic paper projects + templates for you to do at home and photos to fill you with inspiration? Simply write a comment to enter. Give away will close next Friday.

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- Interview with Swedish Paper Artist, Fideli Sundqvist, (here) 

- Entertaining? Make these paper, thin, wax luminaries (here)

- 3 Snacks we love: here (roasted chestnuts), here) (4 Mexican dips) + here (our Kid friendly Aperitif)

We're starting our Thanksgiving celebrations this weekend and will bring you some fun next week. Until then, wishes for a wonderful weekend.


  1. i've just recently come across from your blog and i love it so much ;) thanks for sharing! i've already got several of your projects in mind to create!

  2. I love working with paper--there are so many creative possibilities! Lately its been paper cuttings (not just snowflakes, tho that's appropriate in this season), and attempts at simple architecture. But I love those paper pyramid lanterns on this page. Just copied off the pattern. I, too, like Julz above, found the blog recently!


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