Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Friday

Warm weekend wishes! It's been a big week.. It also feels like it's been a while since we could meet for a true Happy Friday.  Do you feel, too, that we're entering the big holiday time of the year? 
Our night was made cozy with candles:
wax luminaries, (tutorial here) out for the first time since Spring. They're perfect this time of the year. 
-  Francesca helped me prepare such a favorite + simple Autumn aperitif (coming soon) (past, aperitif here)
- Dessert : Hot Carmel Sauce + ice cream from Calle och Chocoladsåsen tonight ... after we had already tasted it an an after school sampling! Unprecidented and if you tasted this sauce, you'd understand! (here: in luck and living in Stockholm... otherwise, come visit! ) 

Every day I meet you here, I continue to click my heels at the marvel of it all! I hope you're having as much fun as I am. Saying good-bye (temporarily) to  Copenhagen. (+ here | herewas eased this week with other pastel colored projects:  The Melted Bead Necklaces + Candy Necklace Card Printables (here | here,) 

I can't close before saying: I'm so impressed with you guys! It feels like you're well on your way to Christmas-town! Bravo! Are you really making your advent calenders already (here here)?  Have you organized your Christmas photos taken and cards?  I'm no where near as speedy as you, but, I have sped up my holiday calender to try to share with you.  Is there something special you're looking for? I'm very excited to  be at my drawing board with a new fun new projects ahead that I hope to have ready in the new year! Wishing you, too, inspiration and a warm and wonderful weekend!

Willowday Wishes!


  1. Hope you're having a lovely weekend Gina : ) and yes I feel the festive season is snapping at my heels, but I'm not ready yet, so behind already! Must make my advent calendar, this week!!!

  2. It is a season of preparation, isn't it! I'm currently quite caught up in Thanksgiving preparations but, it's so quickly Christmas so I'm trying my hardest to organize. (and share!) Good luck with your calender -- kindrid spirits -- me, too!


Thank you!