Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Choosing Art

What makes art for you? How do you base your decisions when choosing art for your home? Should it be symmetrical ; should it be easy to understand; should it coordinate with your room? Popular, personal, pretty...? Do you choose for yourself or for others? I'm so curious. Have you ever thought about this before?

Photos to delete or save?

Above 1. Top: Outdoor lights on a Department Store in Copenhagen | 2. Bottom Left: I was taking photos of beautiful ecologic products, to document them, of a store front window from moving car in Copenhagen. | 3. Bottom Right: Lake Vattern, Sweden, as we drove into a storm.

I had a conversation once with a person who told me that "they never wanted art on their walls that they couldn't explain." Another friend stated that she had the need for all art in their house "to be centered and symmetrical." And,  then, on the contrary, others with evocative, over-sized photography that would make some blush, in their entrances. What about you? What makes art for you?

As I was editing photos from a recent weekend trip, I fell love with each of the 3 "flops."  All 3 were experimental or mistakes but all hold something alluring to me - giving me ideas for new printing techniques or to be used for painting inspiration. These had me thinking about how each one of us fill our homes.  Looking around, I'm realizing that while our stair well is exploding with family portraits, the rest of the house --- areas that visitors  share --- is filled with paintings, prints and sculptures -- even stacked in corners waiting for me to commit them to a wall.  I like a to mix personal --- such as  kid's art  --- with pieces my husband and I had or like and that are a part of our story.  Yes, I think the art in our house is like thread on a loom which tells a tale of us, our interests, families and tales.  What about you? What story do your walls tell?  Happy Willowday wishes.

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  1. Dear Gina
    We've got blurred pictures as fotoprint/alu without frame or printed on screen on our walls. It also has to be the right place and in the right size....
    The middle one of yours is like a mirror and could be placed as one...
    Best, Natalie

    1. What a great coincidence, Natalie. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you!