Friday, November 15, 2013

Candy Necklace Card Printable

Yesterday's Melted Bead Necklaces (here) had me so inspired to think party that I just wanted to keep going. Today, I'm sharing a Printable Candy Necklace Cards with 4 Variations + coloring book page! (see below). If you're a long time reader, then, you know that I'm plain crazy about 2-in-1 gifts (here | here).  Can't you just image the kid-fun it would bring to open up a card and find a candy necklace in it, too. 

Print and use these cards as Birthday Cards (as we have) or f you're looking for a party idea -- go ahead and willowday-up your party with these.  Just click on "read more" below to see the 4 variations and to print out cards of your own....
I'd love to see what you do with my printable.  I've had the idea that if I left cards blank (without text) you could then, write in our own greeting at the bottom or add a little personal paper charm, like we did. What's the perfect party craft for a party with Candy Necklace Invites? Why, Melted Bead Necklaces, don't you agree? Click below for the PDF Printable and choose from 4 kids!

Candy Necklaces
Card + Envelope
Scissors or Xacto knife 

Valentine Inspiration (click here)

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    1. You make my day! Thank you and I hope it brings you fun, too!

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    1. Thank you! I hope you might have a use to use them, too!

  3. Hello! Thank you so much for providing people with these adorable printables. I decided to use them for my daughters birthday party and they were a hit! Here is the post that I made about them at my craft/language/work site and here is where I spoke of them on my personal website Once again, thank you so much! - Danielle

    1. This just makes my day! Thank you so much for sharing! Warm Wishes!

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    1. Dear Anita, Thank you so much for writing. You just make my day! Truly. If there's every something in particular that you're looking for, please don't hesitate to drop me a mail at willowtweet (at) gmail (dot) com. I wish you a wonderful New Year and much success in every way. Warm Wishes/Gina

  5. this looks great! But unfortunately I can't open either of the links. Is there any other way to get the printable card? Greetings, Ellen

    1. Dear Ellen, oh, I want you to have these. Can I ask if you're opening this on an ipad? If so, ipads can have problems opening PDF's and it's just to open it from a computer. I've doubled checked and all links are up. If you don't have the possibility to open from a computer, you could email me and we could see what can be done. I'd really like you to have these and thank you for taking the time to get let me know! Gina/willowday

  6. Just love these! Hope I have a girl one day so she can have cute invites like these :)
    These are so cute! I'm a girly girl and wouldn't mind a little bit of fashion for a six year old girl but I would definitely have restrictions. I think this is perfectly age appropriate. I don't have that problem at this stage. I have an almost 12 month old boy and a second boy on the way... I'll be dealing with other issues... like too much testosterone in the house. :)


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