Tuesday, October 15, 2013

NYC Souvenir: Cookbook and Picture Book

I think picture books and cookbooks make the perfect souvenir. Do you, too? I like to pick up a cookbook for me and a picture book or book, for the kids.  Click below on "read more" for the full post...
For you --- A NYC Cookbook and Restuarant: I've recently returned from a fantastic weekend in NYC and noticed that since I've returned home, I've been pulling out my Balthazar Cookbook regularly. I love to return from a trip inspired with new ideas and am ready to infuse recent discoveries made traveling. For me, it's such a nice way to take the trip forward. The Balthazar Cookbook is decidedly French but, with a good dose of US twists, zing + zip. It's hearty recipes are perfect for the Fall and if you too find yourself in NYC, it's 80 Spring Street location, hustles and bustles with people watching and has a fantastic brunch. A good American breakfast or brunch is always on my list of things I want to do when home.  (More about Swedish breakfasts here, click here

For the kids --- Picture Books:
Are you familiar with M Sasek's,  This is New York? I just love the 1960's graphics in this series "I love..." series. In fact, I like the art work so much, it's often out and open, displayed like art in our library.

This past Spring, I was in London, we visited the Tower Bridge which had a Sasek exhibit of, This is London, which is another favorite. Although some of the writing can feel like a time capsule, the illustrations are conversation inducing!
What are your NYC favorites? Do you have any other NYC titles that you love? What do you bring from from travels? I'd love to hear from you.

There are so NYC titles that come to mind, it's hard to pick just one favorite. Whether you have NYC plan yourself or want to experience it from an armchair, these are two great books that take me to this city every time. Happy Travels --- at home or away! Up, up and away wishes, today!

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  1. I also love purchasing cookbooks when traveling. Just listened yesterday on public radio in the U.S. on the benifits of crock pot cooking. Author works fof NY Times. Interesting.

    1. That's a fun coincidence! Thank you. Yes, I think adding a meal from a cookbook that one's purchased on vacation extended the special memories and place. Enjoy your Tuesday.

  2. I LOVE that book! I can't wait to welcome my nephew to the world with it later this year :) (Both his parents are New Yorkers and he'll be born here but will grow up in Europe). Figure that's a good way to remind him of his roots :)

    1. I'm going to start just seeing your name and know there's going to be an "of course" moment ahead! .... I love it that you have such a story and affinity to these book, too. It sounds like the perfect give. I bought each appropriate book when we traveled to each city (NY, Paris, London..) -- whether we were traveling with the kids or with out so that they could visual where we'd be. I found the we always had such wonderful conversations based on the illustrations -- what a thrill to know that you have that ahead of you. Lucky nephew! Thank you for sharing, sparklingly!

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