Monday, October 28, 2013

Music for Kids: Elizabeth Mitchell and Lou Reed Tribute

Happy Musical Monday. 

I hope your week is off to a great start. Hopping and music are a part of ours!

I want to start the week off with something new: music. I'm going to start with a favorite for small kids: Elizabeth Mitchell's, award winning, You are my Little Bird, album. Do you know this album? In the sea of music for young kids, that one doesn't want to hear again and again, this one is a jewel.  It made such a hit in our house and was the perfect gift from our friend Heather, when our youngest was just a teeny guy.  It's fresh yet, familiar;  sweet but with depth and authenticity -- her voice just amazing.  

I chose today to talk about it as a tribute to Lou Reed and track number 6. On this album, ...
Mitchell plays "What Goes On (track 6);" a song written by Reed for the Velvet Underground. Every time this track played, it was sure to rock our house, be repeated and for that one track: make me feel like such a cool mom. We recently visited this track again and it still "goes on." I like that sentiment today.

On this album, Mitchell sings covers and folk songs, along with her husband and small daughter --- named Story --- with such a quiet and interesting voice! She draws from sources as varied as Woody Guthrie, Chinese folk songs, and Bob Marley -- even doing a duet with Ziggy on another album.  I often added her "Little Bird" to my pre-school song repetoire when I'd visit the kids classrooms to sing songs and in teaching English, too. I should see if could round up several crafts and projects I created built from the simple lyrics + melody of this song along with a class art project influenced by Ida Pearl's beautiful cover art. 

... go on --- sing, dance and hop, too!
Happy Willowday Monday Wishes

This definitely feels ahead of schedule, but when checking Mitchell's home page out today, I saw that she's just released a new Christmas Album with Smithsonian Folkways. “The Sounding Joy: Christmas Songs in and out of the Ruth Crawford Seeger Songbook” was released today, October 15, on Smithsonian Folkways.

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