Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Do you need a Halloween costume? Not celebrating this holiday but, still looking for a fun kid's project? Above are 4 DIY ideas that I love! We have the above wings displayed as bedroom wall art, and that Lion Head feels like a natural partner! Have you ever made face masks from cardboard before?

Click on "read more" below for links and more Halloween inspiration ...

PinterestI've recently begun using Pinterest (here) for more than just filing project away and it's so much fun! Come find more Halloween inspiration on willowday's  Pinterest and Halloween board.

Instagram: If you're an Instagram (here) follower, you already know about the recent Halloween Costume Contest I ran with Make and Create + Pysselbolagat (here.)  The contest closed, with the winner: here; but, you can still find (and still hashtag) costumes. We thought they all were just fantastic. 

It seems our Fall Break has no traditional schedules other than the moon & appetites! We're off this afternoon hunting and gathering what we need for this year's Halloween outfits! Have a wonderful day! More coming this week!


  1. How do you come up with all these great ideas? Do you do "props" for stage plays also? I can't wait for Halloween to use some of your fun ideas. Keep up the inspirations.

  2. What a nice comment! Thank you. I grew up in a creative household with a mother who encouraged creativity and that was a wonderful start. She let me create just about anything -- from a bunny house to a 17 room cardboard box Barbie Doll House. Yes, I've done stage props and you'd be amazed what can be made from ordinary paper or cardboard!


Thank you!