Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy Monday

Happy Monday! I hope you've had a great weekend! Has October been good to you? I'm so happy to meet you here. Are you making Halloween preparations? Have you, too,  printed out the Halloween Calenders (here?) ---  better late than never --- or perhaps gathering leaves? I'm ready to get started on an Easiest Leaf Wreath (ever) (click here)?

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In our house, Monday's off to a great start.  (I should say that we're all great except Henry who had a haircut on Friday and who's been down on me ever since. I had no idea, dogs cared this much about their hair cuts. What to do?) Even Henry, though, can't hide his pleasure at the return of my husband, this weekend, after weeks of business travel. (2nd big, Hip Hip hooray: I have back up!)  We miss him when he's traveling but, his travels did bring some perks for me too: last weekend I was able to romance NYC with him, meet our friends who've recently moved there (click here) and deepened my affection and appreciation for those special friends here in Stockholm who took such good care to the kids. (What would I do without you?) This week brings "real" work with serious deadlines and I've also promised the one who's helping me to convert this blog to Word Press that I'd both start and finish this. "Eee gads" ---  this gives me the shivers. I feel technologically challenged, a slight creature of habit and definitely time challenged. Wish me luck but, I hope this re-organization will benefit you in many ways! Before I loose myself in this,  I wanted to lift my juice to you and wish you energy!  (I'm loving greeting the day with juice from our local pears + apples and kale with non-local ginger.)  I hope that you, too, will take a little break and meet me back here tomorrow! Wishes for a super Monday!

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  1. Happy Monday to you too! : )
    looks a very healthy way to start the week!

    1. my son was very concerned it looked like we only lived on vegetables.... Not necessarily true; but, I do love it when they have healthy starts of their day! :-) and I try!
      however... there's also plenty of room and days filled with waffles... "chocolat chaud" nice pain au chocolate! :-) ... too!

    2. PS. Happy MONDAY! Wishing you continued photo inspiration!


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