Monday, October 14, 2013

Tiny Leaf Wreaths

Happy Monday! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend. Our Autumn colors are so scrumptious it's like living in a rainbow. We're making a Leaf Wreath (click here) for our front door, but, this weekend, we made this mini version, too! Continue below for more photos and complete tutorial so that you, too, can make Tiny Leaf Wreaths with your own hands. Click on "read more" to continue...

These are the most forgiving crafts because they're pretty with such little effort. Along with the help of our neighbor friend, Ludwig, we made a mini-leaf wreath and surprised another neighbor; who only visits his house on the weekends. His house is one of the last original and traditional little red Swedish summer houses in our neighborhood. We really appreciate the history and friendship he shares when he visits. These little wreaths are the perfect little present. Over the handmade fence and onto his lawn that simply invites adventure and whispers history. (We learned through him that our property was originally owned by an artist! I love thinking thinking of him painting here and am scouring the city to see if I can find one of his paintings...)

I hope that you'll like to make these simple teeny leaf wreaths, too. We used the same technique, as used for the big, full wreaths but only filled the wire frame 1/2 way. We added a little note and hung it on the door, knowing that it would be just as pretty in a week, as it was today to greet our neighbor friend.

Have you made an Easiest Leaf Wreath (ever) yet? (click here) 

Thank you reader who's sent me photos of wreaths you've made. I love to see what you do! To make one, too, click here for the full tutorial.

Happy Monday and Happy Monday! 

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Pinned! They are so rustic and sweet :)

    1. Two who think the same! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I'd love to see what you do!


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