Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday wishes from our house to your house today!  It's the boys and I, alone, this afternoon. Although they're not always ready to jump in from of the camera for me, they are always ready to jump! Wrapping up the week with the boys, fits these past days perfectly. They've brought our house a week of creativity and inspiration. Don't kids come up with the best ideas? I'll be sharing next week.  Continue below for a different kind of Friday. I've done a little Friday Roundup with a few things I hope you'll love. Curl up with a coffee and be inspired!

Don't forget to enter the Instagram, Halloween Costume Give away,  here! Submit old, new or costumes in the making. I'm so very happy to be a part of this give away and also, the chance to showcase you!)  (and.... moohaha: next week will include a little Halloween-ing, for you!)

Something to inspire you:
- There's a new Swedish-American movie that I can't wait to see:
 (click below for full list of links and inspiration!)
"Welcome to Sweden" (click here). Written by Greg Poehler, it's the story of an American Ex-Pat married to a Swede! That hits some chords.

- Falling Leaves! It's definitely time for gathering leaves and these are a few of my favorite projects: easiest leaf wreaths (here), leaf jump ropes (here) and leaf cards (or keep for art work) click here, and Leaf Printables, if you just want to stay indoors: (click here)

- Have you started making and creating Halloween goodies? (click here)

- Make these Craft Paper Wings. Afterwards, they're a beautiful hanging. (click here)

- From talented reader, Natalie at schaeresteipapier, who kindly shared: Making Origami Flying Bats! We're making these tomorrow!

- More thoughts of the US: If in Central Park, perhaps you'll find our favorite cellist: Click here for Instagram Link

- A little Mom eye candy and I'd love to get the kids portraits sketched by Brigitte at (as trefle 7 coeur) A Christmas present for myself?

- Why do I absolutely love to remodel when I'm at your busiest. Are you the same? I've been so bold recently and just saw this at Camillestyles for a little inspiration: Best moody dark spaces (click here)


  1. I'm with you on the Welcome to Sweden thing—there's a huge pro-Scandi movement going on in the US right now and the fact that an SNL writer/actor and her brother pitched, sold and are about to produce a TV show about an American moving to Sweden (and filming the show there and here with actors from both countries) is a pretty huge thing. I can't think of anything else similar in the last few years. Big strides forward for somewhat-sheltered Americans/American media and I bet the Scandimania will grow even more now.

  2. Hi Sparkling! What a fun comment to wake up to. I agree with you and will cross my fingers for this phenomenon to really take place. This project hit me on so many levels after the initial: of course! Sweden is so turned towards the US but then distinctly different that I think the place where these similarities and difference meet is just crazy. (I do constantly feel that one has to have a sense of humor to survive living abroad and have, personally, had so many remarkably crazy comments and situations happen due to the culture crash, I've thought many times about opening this up for conversation, even here -- maybe it's even time for that. I LOVE hearing other's stories and look forward to hearing more about your international journey! Thanks for taking the time to comment. Have a wonderful, wonderful NY weekend!

    1. I think you definitely should open it up to conversation here! I love hearing stories about immersion and adapting. Enjoy your Scandi weekend, too! Xx

    2. OK, Sparklingly! I'd love to see where there could do! Discussions coming soon. Thanks, as always, for coming by and for taking the time to comment


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