Friday, October 4, 2013

Halloween Pom Pom Pop-Ups

Boo! Hi! I'm back and have something for you to make for Halloween.  These simple little pompom pop-ups are for anyone: a gift for a small one, a party craft, table toppers or place settings. 

If you follow me on Instagram, then, you'll know that I've just been in NYC on a short trip.  It was so much fun and now, there's so much to do as I've returned that I can't keep up. I look forward to meeting you here over the next week with several other "spooky" projects! Are you planning Halloween parties? Do you decorate at home or school?  Happy Making! I'd love to see what you do with this tutorial.  Follow me below for the full post and how-to... (click below)

-Xacto Knife
-Decorative Straws -- to make the jack-o-lantern, I used a black straw and used a grey striped straw for the bat.
- Cardboard
- Glue. I used fabric glue but show stick glue above. I've used that, as well -- it depends on the ages of your crafters. 
-Recycled Paper Tube --- I wanted to make a lot of these and cut paper towel tubes into different heights.
- Black Felt
- Marking Pencil
-Tape --- I used transparent tape but if you have a craftpaper tape or tape to match the outer paper, this would work well, too.
- Colored Paper. I used black paper for the jack-o-lantern and orange paper for the bat.
- Googly Eyes. I used these eyes for the bat.
- 1 wooden skewer
- Pompoms, see full instructions below. 

Make Pompoms:
Make 1 black pompom per bat
Make 1 orange pompom per Jack-o-lantern.
- Start by making firm and full pompoms, which should fit inside a paper roll. Leave a very long tie on the pompoms (approximately 12 inches). This long tie will be important later.

Pompom Note: Click (HERE) for the pompom technique I use (excluding the bells). Make as many pompoms as you'd like. We used 100% cotton (50 gm-170m) yarn.  We wound ours 175 - 200 twists to achieve the density that was correct for this project and a standard paper towel tube. Everyone in our house has such an easy time just using their hands instead of the pompom makers that I've purchased or cut from cardboard. What about you? I'd like to know how this works for you or if you'd like me to also create a pompom tutorials for other techniques, too. 

Once you've made the pompoms, it's time to decorate the faces. 
Jack-o-lantern: Cut shapes from paper and attach with glue. Let dry.
Bat: Cut wings from black felt. Press the wings deep within the ball with glue to adhere. Attach googly eyes with glue.
Let dry completely.

Halloween Pom Pom Pop-Up Assembly:
1. Trace the end of the paper roll onto your cardboard for a fitted circle.
2. Mark center of circle and cut out circle. Using an Xacto knife, a scissors or hole punch, if you have one, cut a hole in the center of the circle.
3. Tape the cardboard circle onto the bottom of the paper tube. 
4. Gather the straw, wooden skewer and pompom that is already decorated. Measure and cut the straw for the pop-up. To do this, stand the straw next to the paper-tube and cut the straw to be at least  2 inches taller than the paper tube. Once the straw is the correct length, as seen in #4, thread the tie from the pompom into the straw and press it this tie all of the way through with the assistance of the wooden skewer. Tightly pull the pompom character into place on top of the straw. Knot the tie at the end of the to secure the character into place. If you would like to embellish this knot, we tasseled some and also beaded others. This is good, too.
5. From the top, carefully thread the bottom of the straw through the hole in the bottom of the covered paper towel tube.  
6. Cut outer colored paper to size, apply glue and cover the outside of the paper tube. Let dry.
Once dry, your Halloween Pom Pom Pop-Up is ready to go! Happy Making!

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  1. Great idea! a good excuse to make some pom poms : )

    1. Aren't you looking for excuses to use them, too!? Great to hear from you!


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