Thursday, October 10, 2013

Give Away

"On your mark, get set, go!" 

Would you like to play along with me for a chance to win a great prize and to have your favorite Halloween Costume Photo featured? Today, the chance is yours!  

Continue below and click on "read more" to learn how you can enter this contest to win a fantastic prize and feature possibility; plus ... BEWARE + moo ha haaa: ... scary Halloween photos below ...

Willowday, Makeandcreate and Pysselbolaget are thrilled to announce that we're teaming together to start a "Best Halloween Costume Contest" on Instagram!  It's starting right now! 
You could win 1) a prize* and 2) have the photo of your costume featured!

To enter,  follow these three steps:1) Follow @willowdaygram, @makeandcreate, @pysselbolaget
2) Post a favorite Halloween Costume picture on INSTAGRAM
3) Tag your INSTAGRAM photo with #halloweenfungiveaway
Close: Contest closes next Friday, October 18.

Win: Contestants will have the chance to win a fantastic present from the craft store Makeandcreate along with surprises from willowday and pysselbolaget. We can't wait to see what you're wearing! Share the fun with friends!

* The prize is a fantastic present from the craft store, Makeandcreate.sealong with surprises from and

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på svenska: 
Idag tjuvstartar Willowday, Makeandcreate och Pysselbolaget Halloween med en tävling på Instagram! Har ni ett Instagramkonto och en snygg/rolig/kreativ Halloweenkostym så kan du vara med. Leta upp oss @willowdaygram, @makeandcreate och @pysselbolaget för mer info om tävlingen. En lycklig vinnare får en present från Helenas fantastiska pysselbutik Make & Create, tillsammans med överraskningar från och Tävligen startar nu! Vi ser så mycket fram emot att få ta del av era kreationer.
En läskigt kreativ helg önskar vi er!


  1. WHAT FUN. I remember when either I or my children would make the Halloween outfit. They had such fun coming up with original ideas. Now it seems everyone buys them. It this true?

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this. Yes, for me, too, the costumes are 1/2 of the fun. I love to make the children's costumes and have made everything from Jack Sparrow to a star or a dolphin! I love the process of the children's creating. That being said, I think you can buy anything now and I do wonder how many people in general continue to make.


Thank you!