Monday, October 28, 2013

Featured Artist: Ida Pearle

Before I close today, I just have to ask you, if you know the artist, Ida Pearle? Yes, she did the cover art for the Elizabeth Mitchell album, You Are my Little Bird. Don't you just love the action in her figures, colors and composition!  (click on read more for more about Pearl and to see more of her work)

photo from fawn and forest | All other photos property of Ida Pearl

Pearle works with and elevates simple collage. She works primarily with this technique where she
cuts and glues by hand primarily using Coloraid. Coloraid is a screen printed artist's paper. As well as other papers, such as construction paper, craft paper, wrapping paper, tissue paper, wallpaper, and decorative paper. Materials like string, ribbon, and cloth lend the pieces even greater dimension and texture. Before the cutting begins each collage requires extensive planning and sketching.
Pearls work could fit both in my "Favorite Book" category, as well as featured artist. We had her picture book; A Child's Day: Alphabet Play but, you can also find her prints, alphabet cards, as well as name prints (For Ida's full collection and books, click here). 

Lots to look at and listen to while enjoying her sweet impressions! I'm consistently interested in art that surrounds our kids at home. I'm consistently re-imaging bedrooms. There are certain pieces that they've had that were just for their nursery years, but, I really love pieces that can grow with the kids. I can still list what I had on my bedroom walls as a kid, right down to the swiss dot wall paper. What do you choose for your kids rooms?  Did you put a lot of thought into your choices? Do you have any pieces from your childhood that shared in decorating your own children's rooms?  Did you create any yourself or with the kids? Do you give your kids a lot of room for express? Do you use your children's art to decorate? Do you have a favorite artist? I find that I think time and time again about this. I wonder if you do, too?  Happy Day!

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