Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Best Halloween Costume Winner on Instagram

Spool and Thread Halloween Costume: Photo: Amy/Makermama

Willowday, Pysselbolaget, and MakeandCreate are excited to announce that we have a winner in our Instagram ”Best Halloween Costume Contest”. Congratulations Amy at #makermama! We found your costume Spool and Thread to be so very original and equally cute!

Thanks to all of you amazing contestants. You were all just wonderful! Please continue to visit us and in instragram, tag with #halloweenfungiveaway. We all are very impressed and inspired by the entries. Also visit makermama.com for more on our excellent winner.

Are you using Instagram? I've only recently started and will admit that I was a little addicted to seeing what creative entries were arriving each day --- as well as many other windows to beautiful places and creatives! I look forward to continuing to meet you both here and there! Happy Halloween Making to you all!


  1. Gina, it's been so much fun hosting this competition with you! Let's do it again - soon.

    1. Karin, I feel that same! It was wonderful sharing the holiday spirit and seeing such inspired entries! Yes, let's do something again -- soon!


Thank you!