Thursday, September 19, 2013

Vases + Faces

Vases + Faces, Day 2: 
I can't seem to stop. Yesterday, I thought it was because of the kid's class photos. (Our youngest even talked about a James Bond look and wore a suit coat from our dear friend Giorgio just for the
occasion; he even willingly let me do his hair ... stylin', all of way!) When they walked out the door, I followed them and went on a little flower rain rescue mission; returning -- thinking of them and getting out this sweet Swedish Ceramic set that we received from Swedish Uncle, Rune.

But, today, as everyone else in my house was oohed and ahhhed over  breakfast about the the new Apple iOS7 upgrades .....they put into place in the night, I skipped modernity and chose instead: vases + faces, again. (Should I put this higher on my to-do list?...picking flowers and the like, just always win out with me...have you upgraded?)  So, I guess... if one has to procrastinate, flowers and Vases + Faces aren't such a bad way to do it -- and, procrastinate, I am! Oh, dear. So terribly much to do this week and next but, fresh cut flowers are never wrong. Don't you agree? To save you from a similar procrastination fate, too, I'm hoping my Vases + Faces and flowers from our lawn will keep you going --- and not slowing! I wish you inspiration this week! 

...turning off my phones, Viber, Skype, gmail, Instagram, everything -- all of it --- time to work! Wish me luck! I can't wait to meet you back here, soon.
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