Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Books: William Wegman: Square, Triangle, Circle

Double posts today!

(Maybe you've already read about our Artipelag and the William Wegmen Exhibit  visit today? (click here) or perhaps met me on instagram for my morning seaside run? With views like these on my route, you'd think I'd be a marathoner, wouldn't you?) 

Are you familiar with this book? I had worked ahead and planned to simplify my very "un-simple" week by sharing this post with you tomorrow,  but I'm low on patience; big on fun; and these two posts are simply made to be together. I hope you agree.

The surprise is out there:What's one favorite children's board book? William Wegman's Square, Triangle, Circle, of course. For full post, click on "read more" below...
This book, even before we even had kids, was one of my favorite gifts to give. We have still have our copy and seeing the exhibit reminded me that I need to load up on a few again for future gift giving. Are you familiar with Wegman's whimsical work? This book is a large formatted board book with humorous photographs of the author's famous Weimaraners--Fay, Battina, Chundo, and Crooky. Wegman's collaboration with this quartet is just so original and a fun book about shapes to have in your collection. You can find it here.

Happy Wegman and willowday, today!


  1. Just catching up on your wonderful posts : )
    Love these dog photos - wonderful!!!

  2. Sian, it's so very nice to hear from you. Not only does Wegman have a great sense of humor, I agree, he photographs dogs breathtakingly. Have a wonderful weekend!


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