Thursday, September 5, 2013

Apple Necklaces

I won't say that the season is exactly changing; but, I will say that we are starting to spend time our time differently than we've done all Summer. One of the ways that I'm seeing change is that I'm noticing lot of lots of projects showing up in our house again. Are you the same? Are you looking for something to make with your kids or for them -- or as a gift? We think today's Apple Necklaces are as sweet as the real thing and hope you will, too.

Just click on "read more" below for more photos and the full tutorial. As always, I love to see what you do with the tutorial. Now that I'm on Instagram, I'm learning that that an easy place to share what you make but, I love to hear from you in any way. Have fun and Happy Willowday!

Paint the beads Granny Smith Green, Delicious Red or leave them plain with bright colored ribbon. I love using ribbon with any apple-y prints, gingham or Liberty patterned fabrics with these little pendants.  I'm always picking up ribbon when I travel. When putting these together, I thought of the liberty patterned ribbon bracelets have been popular there. You could easily slip knot the ribbon to make a bracelet and turn these into similar bracelets, if you'd prefer. Our daughter decided to go a round 2 and keep one like that for herself, after making these originals to mail away.

I think the green leaves create enough of a feeling of an apple that you don't have to necessarily work so hard and file down bead.  I like these apple necklaces as beads that just happen to look like apples, too. But, if you're an apple-perfectionist --- sand, sand, sand away ---- the results from sanding the edges to make the apple shape are really cute and worth the efforts. I used a sponge course sand pad because I thought this was easiest to grip. If you have special metal sanding tools, go ahead and use these but, I just picked this up at our local paint shop.

- Paint (Hobby Paint for Wood)
- Paint Brush
- Ribbon for Necklace
- Wooden Bead (We used 1/2")
- Silk Green Ribbon or Green Felt
- Hobby Glue
- Heavy twine or thin piece of jute
- Needle and green thread
- 2 Wooden Skewers or another thin object for threading the bead
- Optional: Course Sand Paper

1. Prepare working surface.

2. Beads can be 1. painted apple colors, as desired or 2. you can take it one step further by sanding facets into the sides of the apples to sheer off the edge to create more of an oval, apple shape. To re-shape the apple, sand the bottom 2/3's of the apple all of the way around the apple to make the bead look more like an apple shape. Once you've shaped the apple, dust it off before proceeding to painting.

2. Set wooden beads on the skewer and paint. Let the beads dry.

3. Once the beads are dry, measure desired length of necklace for the wearer and add 6 inches of length to the ribbon. Cut ribbon. Cut 1/2" jute. Cut 8" piece of the green ribbon (or cut double layered piece of felt and sew together. This example is the red apple on the red gingham ribbon)

4. Fold the ribbon in 1/2 and insert the folded end into and through the hole in the bead. Once this folded end is through the hole, tie a tight knot close to the hole. Now, knot the ribbon about every 4-6 inches regularly.

5. Apply a dot of glue into the hole. Press the piece of jute into this glue filled hole and let dry.

6. Form a loop with the green ribbon and press the middle so that the ribbon almost resembles a figure 8. With a needle and thread, make a stitch or two to secure the ribbon into place. Now, center the ribbon at the top of the apple, where the ribbon meets the apple and make a tie.

7. Tie the end of the necklace and your apple necklaces is ready to wear or to give! Happy Apple Day!

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  1. Adorable, Gina! Will add it to my to-do list!

    1. That's an ultimate compliment, Karin! Thank you!

  2. This apple pendant is so cute! I like how you use a ribbon instead of using the usual necklace chain.

    1. Thank you, Onel. I really like soft materials for children and also think that using the fabric ribbon is an easy way to bring out the apple. Great to meet you here.

  3. Gorgeous : ) would make cool Halloween pumpkin necklaces too!

    1. ... I love that idea! Did you make Halloween Necklaces? I'd love to see them!

  4. This turned out so lovely! I'm pinning it now so I remember to try it with my 5-year-old girl. :)

    1. Kelly, I'm so sorry that I missed this comment but ... still send you a big thanks and hope that you had the chance to make these! I'd love to see what you do!

  5. Once again we are on the same page. We've been dyeing beads all week. Working on a great post I'm so excited about! Love these apple necklaces. So pretty!!! Everything about them. Especially the glimpse of your daughter and her pretty lace dress. xxxooo

    1. Oh, I'm so sorry to miss this earlier comment! Thank you so much!! I love that we were both thinking about dyed beads at the same time! (And thank you... I love that dress, too!)


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