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Simple and sweet CARD ID TAGS could be called the little sister to yesterday's Card Pen Case (click here.)  They are a perfect pair. Gather cards, make these with your kids or let them make these alone. We've readied back packs, athletic and activity bags.  If you'd like to make these, too, follow below along with the full picture tutorial. 
You must have them, too --- stashes of collectible cards: baseball, soccer, horse,  hockey, Lego, Pokemon, Unicorns... I know you must, too. Isn't this a fun way to extend the life of objects the kids love? Click on "READ MORE" for more photos and complete tutorial...

Let imagination and productivity whirl. 

Pictured above: Baseball Pen Case (tutorial here) and Card ID Tag.

- Adhesive Book Protector Plastic
- Cardboard
- Hole Punch
- Markers
- Ribbon or cord
- Scissors
- Collectible cards

Trace the outline of the collectible Card onto your cardboard. Re-cycled cardboard is perfect just keep in mind that one side must be clean and free from blemishes. Later, that side will be written on and decorated.

Cut the cardboard out neatly along the traced outline.
Write your ID information on the back, cardboard, side of the ID card at this time. Decorate as desired.
Place the Cards back to back --- with the collectible image showing on one side and the clean, blank side of the cardboard showing on the back side. At this point, if you would like to snip the top corners at diagonals or alter the shape, do it now.

Eying the your card for size, cut a piece Adhesive Book Protector Plastic and completely wrap it around the cards, sealing the edges very, very well. Trim the top and bottom of card to size.

Punch a hole in the top of the ID Card

Thread the ribbon through the hole and finish tie.
You are ready to decorate your back-to-school bags with your own, personalized, ID Tags!
Happy School Days and Happy Making.
Willowday wishes!

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