Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cherry Garland

Dot your party with cherries!

My niece Olivia is sweeter than cherries and when she began to plan for her last birthday, I could only think of how to put a cherry on top of her day. This cherry garland was made just for her.  If you'd like to serve up a party for your sweeties with a cherry on top, too, just click below for full tutorial and photos. I'd love to see what you do!

Pink (or Red) Balloons
Green wrapped florist wide
Green Duct Tape *
Ribbon for garland. I used kitchen, cotton, string.

1. Inflate balloons to equal sizes. (Hint: big brothers are perfect at this!)

2. Cut florist wire, approximately 1 foot.

3. Attach equal sized balloons to both sides of the florist wire.

4. Cut two pieces of 8 inch piece of duct tape* to made the leaves. Clip v's into the middle of each piece. Carefully center these tape pieces, side by side, onto the center of the floral wire.

Fold tape in 1/2,

Trim the tape into the shape of a leaf and bend the wire stem into the correct shape for the cherry stems.

Repeat these steps to make enough cherry pairs to fill a garland. To make the garland, simply cut a length of string and secure it to the area you would like to have the garland. At equal intervals, simply place each cherry pair onto the string. The two leaves will hold the cherry into place.

(* note: If you don't have green duct tape, let these serve as a guide. These leaves can be made from plain paper that is colored with crayons or paints, colored paper, colored japanese tape or even if you feel ambitious, dyed coffee or tea bags! Simply cut leaves from whatever paper or tape source you have available and attach them with plain tape.)

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  1. This is so sweet! You are really talented with party decor, Gina. I can imagine this cute cherry-themed party with your pink macarons as treats :)

    1. What a compliment. Thank you so much -- I do love parties and I'm so glad to hear this from you -- there will be more! Happy Weekend.

  2. These are just so simple and stunning!

  3. I'm making mine today:)


Thank you!