Wednesday, August 14, 2013

5 Ways to ease back from Summer Vacation

Are you ready to return from summer vacation? What do you do to transition? My mind and heart are still ripe with summer bliss and living the vida loca. Despite falling local temperatures, I'm still stepping out of the house in sundresses and am dedicated to keeping the sunshine in our daily lives while carefully stepping back into responsibilities that are musts. Are you? What works for you?

5 ways to ease back from Summer Vacation:

1.  Rinse out closets
Returning from vacation and emptying luggage already, gives the perfect chance to look over closets with a fresh outlook.  With the kid's home, you can work together and also have the chance to see if they've outgrown their Spring jeans rather than being taken off-guard with them surprising you over breakfast when school starts in jeans that are now .. capris.  Do you agree that kid's grow twice as fast in the Summer? Have you noticed how an edited closet makes school days so much smoother?

2. Proactively Schedule the Fall.
Perfectly laid plans are bound to go astray; but booking the things that I can control such as dental appointments, renewing prescriptions, getting upcoming upcoming events, travels and birthdays on the calender, etc feel like easy first tasks to give you a little control and accomplishment that will pay off when the tempo is high in the Fall.

3.  Fall/Winter Wardrobe
Hand in hand with rinsing out closets is also purchasing back-to-school clothing and school items so that you're ready from day one. I often buy school clothes while we're on vacation and hanging them in closets is a another fun way to remember where we found them. In Sweden, Fall/Winter outdoor supplies such as rain boots, winter boots and outer wear can actually sell out already in early September. Our weather can change so quickly here that overnight it's cold, frosty, rainy and you don't want to be left scouring the city for the last pair of boots in a size 3 ... that are a ghastly plaid.

4. Keep having fun
Don't get too serious yet and caught up in schedules. Find the fun: invite friends over for dinner on a Tuesday, bike ride for a picnic dinner (and take a cloud picnic blanket), go to a movie, work on a puzzle or project all week and leave it out until it's complete; take the time to make meals with local ingredients from your local farmer's market rather than drudging back to the regular market.

5 Wear shoes
Barefoot = Beach.
Barefoot = Vacation.
Ok. I realize this might sound a little funny, but, do you know what I mean? In Sweden, we don't wear shoes inside and often wear slippers, but on days when I want to work like mad around the house, I put on my indoor running shoes and feel like I am literally work at a faster tempo. Am I the only one so easily fooled?

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  1. There's a nip in the air in NYC today, and much as I love Autumn, I'm not ready to say goodbye to these long days of sunlight...although, I do love the idea of sorting out my closet ;).

    1. Oh no, a chill in the air, just can't be! (I have to always imagine that my "home" country is always just perfect! :-) I wish the return of warm days to you, too! I am definitely hoping for this in Sweden. Always nice to hear from you . Good luck cleaning (and filling) again!

  2. dear Gina
    I'm with point 3 now. They really grow twice as normal during summer. New shoes are ordered and i have to go shopping for jeans....Were back to school now, but it is still warm and sunny during the day.
    Kind Regards Natalie


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