Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy July

If July could high 5 us, we'd do just that! 
"High Five, July! We're so glad meet you here in the US!"

The kids all agree that the very best way to ignore jet lag is to arrive here for this kind of Summer fun. B's even announced that "after 12 years he's done with it (jet lag.)" I will admit they all look great and are old pros when it comes to our international traveling.

Today, we're heading off to our "cousins-at-the-lake week."  I can't wait to make our "Red, White and Blue: Duct Tape Bags!"  At the lake, the only internet connection I can find is from one window... on the upper floor, on the south side of the house... if I lean over the foot of the bed, just so..... : well, you know exactly what I mean. So, I'm going to be entirely unplugged for the rest of the week and want to wish you an every so shiny, happy, week, too! I hope that July brings these kinds of moments for you, too! Happy July Days!

Click on READ MORE below for more 4th of July (or Summer) things to make and bake ...

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