Monday, July 1, 2013

DIY: Red, White and Blue Duct Tape Bags

Happy Monday. Hello from the US. We're here on our Summer Vacation.  (Who hoo!)  Our jet lag is going great and we've jumped right in to the fun.

We're moving into "cousins week" which will bring a cousin-camp-craft: Red, White, and Blue Duct Tape Bags.  I can't wait to see the kids lined up at the 4th of July Parade with these bags in hand; but, they're honestly cute enough to use again and again and again for lots of occasions. I know we will and hope you will, too! I've worked extra hard to get this post out to you while traveling.
Since our cousin gang is 75% boys, I thought Duct Tape was the perfect lure for these boy creatives and knew that girls would appreciate their style! I really love it when I find projects that can be used for a variety of ages and also, for both boys and girls. These Red, White, and Blue Duct Tape Bags are amazingly durable. We've been toting baseballs, books and swim suits in our first samples! Wishing you Red, White, + Blue Fun, too!

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Materials: Duct Tape in red, white and blue, 2 pieces of letter sized paper, scissors

Step 1: Gather 2 pieces of plain letter sized paper.
Step 2. Gather all 3 colors of Duct Tape.
Step 3. Prepare the red and white strips by laying alternate pieces of red and white duct tape, lengthwise, on the paper. Set aside.
Step 4. Gather second piece of paper and cover this piece with blue Duct Tape to create a solid blue piece. 
Step 5. Fold both pieces of covered paper in 1/2. 
Step 6. Cut the piece covered with blue duct tape in 1/2 and each 1/2 on the top of the striped pages.
Step 7. Gather the blue Duct Tape and attach the top blue piece to the bottom striped piece --- one on the front side and a second on the back side. 
Step 8. Gather the white Duct tape and prepare to close the side seams with it, while making the strap, as well. 
Step 9. Cut a piece of white Duct Tape that is twice the length of the red, white, and blue page. 
Step 10. Trim the edge and create the strap by placing the edge of the red, white and blue paper on the white tape with the edge placed at the middle of the white tape. Cut and add white stars, cut from the white duct tape, if desired, at this point. I like these bags both with stars but, also plain. 
Step 11. Carefully fold the white tape in half, closing the side seam and creating an upper strap. Repeat this with the opposite side.
Step 12. Tie the top straps together and the Red, White and Blue Bag is ready for use! 
These are perfect 4th of July Parade Bags, party crafts, table settings or party bags that you could fill with fun surprises and can be made at any time of the year! Once my nieces and nephews make theirs, I'll send them on a Treasure Hunt to find their first holiday treats: packs of sparklers, poppers, smoke bombs and a few classic candies. 
Just add a little red Duct Tape to the end of the white Duct Tape strap, trim and tie, for this above accent of color. 

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  1. Great idea! where do you get the coloured tape from though, all we seem to have is grey!
    lucky you : )

    1. I hope you do have the chance, too, to make these. I have to admit that I was feeling a little giddy before arriving here when I thought about the amazing supplies one can find in the US -- the duct tape colors are really fun to work with. I normally share your same supply dilemma, living in Sweden; so did a quick search in Amazon UK and found that they had a few select colors but, just this exact dilemma has lead to some great ideas in Sweden.... you've inspired me to come up with a project later with that classic: gray! be continued! :-) Until then, wishing you wonderful day of Summer!

    2. oo, looking forward to it! : )

  2. This duct tape bag is so cool! I don't mind bringing this everywhere I go :D I'm with you, we too don't have many choices of color here. All we have is grey and white :(

    1. ... well, at least two color will make a contrast! ... but, for another project.... I wish you had these colors, too! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Happy July!

  3. Hey...this is such a cool idea with duct tape! I myself make a lot of things out of duct tape on my blog, but I have never thought of making a festive item for a holiday. The bag also looks really well made too! The edges are very clean, and the colors are very bright.

    1. Thank you, Kitty! I'm just seeing this comment, as beautiful, warm days feel long ago! Happy Making!


Thank you!