Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bow Tie Brunch

Happy Father's Day to those who are celebrating around the world today. We'll wait until November, when Father's Day is celebrated in Sweden; but, we're thinking of both of our Fathers in the US and France today, where it is celebrated. Happy Father's Day wishes to you all. Here's a quick way to add some snazz to Dad's day: make this Bow Tie Napkin! Click below (read-more) for how-to:

How to:

1. Fold a napkin into a fan (or accordion) fold.
2. Bind the middle with a piece of fabric or fabric napkin ring.
(I took linen ribbon and sewed it together in a ring.)
3. Adjust napkin ends to look like a bow tie and add to Dad's table setting today.

Things our Dad loves: 
Blueberry Scones (here), handprint cards (here), Initial keepers: D-A-D (here), lattes with mustaches (here) and they make us feel like this (here.)

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