Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Build-a-treehouse Printable

Dreaming of a treehouse this Summer? Here's a shortcut for anyone, anywhere to have one, too! Follow below to make these Pint-sized Tree houses in printable versions below! You already have all of the supplies you need. I just know you do. Let's start making!

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- Paper Towel Tubes
- Treehouse Template (see below)
- Decoration Materials: colored paper, cardboard, crayons, paint, glitter paint --- use your imagination.
- Scissors
- Tape

Let's Start Making:

To get started, gather supplies and then, choose a template and print:

- US: Tree House PDF Template - US letter sized | Click here
- A4: Tree House PDF Template - A4 | Click here : 

1. Print Template onto heavy card stock. If your printer won't print on heavy stock, print out the temple on regular paper and trace it onto cardboard or color directly on this printout and paste it onto card stock/card board. 
2. Color or decorate tree and house as desired.
3. With scissors, cut up in quarters approximately 1/3 of the way down the paper tube.
4. Assemble by first pressing the large branch down into the slot; followed by the smaller branches.
5. If you would like to play with this, cover the top of the paper tube by either taping a piece of fitted paper to the top of the tube or by covering with wide tape. At this point, embellish with any extra pieces -- a paper ladder, a climbing rope, for example.
6. Fold and tape the Treehouse and then, slide over the top of the paper tube.

Are you on pinterest? If you'd like a little real pinterest treehouse inspiration, I've been collecting some amazing real like treehouse. Just click here to see. We're really enjoying our first days of summer vacation and hope you are, too! Happy Midsummer and Happy Summer greetings to you all.   

Leaf Printable Book Printable (not pictured)
Interview with Linda Gimle (Dalarna) (not pictured)


  1. Very cute! I think my Grandkids will have fun with these! Thanks!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

  2. Fantastic! Our family is crazy about any paper towel tubes crafts:) Thank you very much :) We pin it ! Have a wonderful summer!

  3. This is so cute, I love to imagine living there! I'll be featuring it on The Crafty Crow!

    1. Your mail makes my day. Thank you, Cassi!

  4. Hey, Great piece of work and you use some incredible creativity to built a Tree House

    1. Thank you for coming by and taking the time to comment. Are you an actual honest to goodness "tree house builder?" What amazing tree houses you have!! Brilliant.

  5. @Willowday, It’s my pleasure that you have visited my website. I would like to tell you keep posting like this.


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