Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Trail Blazing? Blazing schedules? Blazing heat? What's blazing around you? Does the term "blazing" feel like the most accurate description of the meeting of the end of the school year and summer for you, too?

It's somehow been one week since I've last posted. Have you prepared Father's Day Cards, yet (here). Have you thanked teachers? (here) I feel like there's so much happening around me, that I can't keep up with the action or commit words to the page, but, I hope you're great!

Summer in Sweden sets everything ablaze: the colors, the sounds, one's social life, new friendships ripened by the year, old friends who are moving and tearing at our hearts; schedules from dusk to dawn --- everything multiplies --- literally, even the hours of daylight, at this latitude, multiply so quickly that midnight is kindled with color; add school children to the mix and multiply all of this one degree further. Since moving to Sweden, this is a phenomenon I know well.  Is this the same for you?

We now have one week left of school. What about you? Regular schedules have blown away with the wind. Today, brings the last exams, in a week of parties, concerts, sailing, tournaments and irregular bed times. For our youngest, Monday, marked both his birthday and the start of a 4-day bicycle class trip. I started the week off with them and snapped the above trail blazing 8 and 9 year olds on route! Their photo felt the most fitting for this hello and, thankfully, seems to be the only one with rain. Today, I hope you, too, tame your trials and trails and become a trail blazer! See you back here very soon!

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