Monday, May 20, 2013

Oh, The Places You Will Go

Happy Monday!
Oh the Places you will go
the things you'll learn --- you didn't know;
as you watch their tiny feet grow, grow, grow.

It's been a little longer than planned between posts. I hope your weekend was great. I stepped off a Finland Ferry very early this morning and now, can't stop thinking about the Dr. Suess book, Oh the Places you will Go --- not as a children's book or a gift for a High School Graduate but, the places we go as parents.
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(thank you KL for photo!)

My almost 4-day weekend was a weekend filled with feet -- athletic feet: my oldest son's feet and twenty-four other 11- and-12-year- old handball team member's feet, too. I willingly carried luggage and sleeping bags, stood on the sidelines, inflated mattresses, made sandwiches, cheered in my best Swedish, and said things like "yes, soap and shampoo are necessary when taking a shower" (more than once) along with several other fantastic, well-prepared parents who were like-minded on this subject, too! I'm still learning the rules of this sport called handball which entered my life by surprise, was thrilled with the team's fantastic success, and our own son's growth, but am returning home fascinated with the journey we all take as parents and parenting.  

As parents to babies, we kiss, bundle, treasure, warm, photograph... and make footprint art with our bundles' little tooties; now, I wear his hand-me-down shoes (after all, his feet seem to be growing so fast, did he even wear them twice?) and readily step into ideas that are not my own; going places I didn't plan for to share journeys. Several years ago, a parent of older children, once told me that there is something special about every age and, as our children grow, I couldn't agree more. I love to hear our oldest's thoughts and know that they now come out unexpectedly and in unplanned shared moments. As perfectly suited I felt for the tender world of bundling newborns, knitting them sweaters and making plaster-of-paris impressions of their feet, I'm equally exhilarated to see our children become their own people and share this unscripted journey, too.

What about you? Was your weekend filled with the unexpected? Are you familiar with this book? Did you read it to your kids? I hope to see you here all week long! I'll be back here tomorrow. Until then, I hope you enjoy all of the places this Monday takes you!

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  1. Doctor Suess is still my favorite. ThNks for reminding me. Mpls

    1. Thank you for taking the time to share this!

  2. Your site is always full of inspiring ideas and thoughtful's such a great place to visit! Rebecca

    1. Rebecca, your mail was the highlight of my day. Thank you!

  3. oo, love Dr Suess - the books kick started my sons love of reading : ) where many others had failed!
    Your cherry blossom pics are beautiful - just the thing to brighten up a grey tuesday morning : )

    1. Thanks so much! It was just one of those perfect days!

      Yes, I completely agree with you: Dr. Suess is mandatory kid reading and I think would get any child on their way. It was a part of my first reading and still even now... if I see a puddle, a poodle and a noodle... my mind will see it all Suess-style!


Thank you!