Monday, April 15, 2013

Maps of London

Happy Monday!

Actual Map of London
I'm mapping out my week today and can't think of a more appropriate way to begin the week than by sharing maps of London.  I'm returning from a Mother-Son London weekend, which included lots and lots of maps.  I found the London Maps to be quite easy to read and my son, Gray, enjoyed helping me with the navigation.  

One day, after lunch in Covent Gardens, we ducked out of the rain by going to the London Transport Museum, which I recommend if you are ever in London with an 8 year old boy. The maps and mapping of London's transportation throughout time here is very well done with nice interactive areas designed for kids. These areas really work and keep the kids focused. There are things to do like: driving a simulated underground train to punching "travel cards" at a series of stations through our the exhibits.

Do you share my love of maps, too? (click here) I love both the beauty of old and new maps. Below are a few from the series, I just found at "17 maps of London you didn't think you needed." 

London Map 1908
Circular Map of London

Minimalist's Map of London

What London would look like if the tube map were completely accurate.
More here: "17 Maps of London you Didn't Think You Needed." 

More on traveling alone with one child in another post, but I can just say that it surpassed our expectations! If you are a parent of more than one child, have you traveled with just one child before? Whether at home or by traveling, how do you make time to listen, share and enjoy individual one-on-one time with your children? Are you children close in age or spread apart in ages? Do you find this makes a difference in the time you can give each of them individually? Is individual time important to you? Maybe you have an only child --- what do you to to make trips more special? I'd love to hear from you! 

Travels were a part of the reason why, last week, I had to let so much time go.  I think it was a first and this week, I'm looking forward to making up for this with you!  I'll have double posts today and hope to meet you all week, as I return to "parties!" 

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  1. Great maps! looks like another on the long list of places to visit. We were in London last week and had a wonderful time : )

    1. That's a wonderful coincidence! We, too, enjoyed the city immeasurably! I'd love to know that we'll return again soon!

  2. I must show this to my 8 year map crazy son. He collects them and has been drawing maps since he was three. When he drew a map of Argentina for his sister's birthday, I asked if he could offer something else. So he drew a map of Poland. "Oh the Places You Will Go"!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It's so cool when you can see distinct interests in your children. What an adorable story -- keepers! Thank you for sharing.

      (I have to add that I, too, love the book: Oh, the Places You Will Go" -- timeless and ageless." These above maps are really interesting and did you see on the same day (April 18th), I shared "My Map Book," as well. It sounds like your son already has his own style, but it would be worth checking out for you to see if it's interesting. I had our 8 year old map rather than traditionally "journal" our trip, last weekend, to London -- inspired by this idea. His drawing and perspectives for really fun. Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend!


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