Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Monday: Wild Strawberries

Spring is singing!

The kids have started wild strawberries, beans, carrots, zucchini, salad, radishes and more.

One week ago, the kids recycled an old Lego container to use for planting seeds and jump starting their garden.  (Oh, what plans they had for meals ahead. I was really rooting for them despite the fact we were still reaching almost freezing at night and when I looked out the window from my desk, I could still see two (admittedly small) piles of snow.)  I began to imagine how I could rearrange our laundry room in order to give their garden dreams a chance; however, Mother Nature fooled me and the kids were right on track! 

Yeah, kids! 
Yeah, Mother Nature!

Their seeds have grown like wild fire all week and we're working on the next steps for their outdoor garden; aka: kid's version of a greenhouse. (OK, I'm hinting with some ideas we've run across.)  In fact, I need to get a hop on our family vegetable garden, too.  It's amazing how much excitement just planting seeds is, isn't it? The kids would literally run to check theirs out every morning.  When did you last plant seeds?

On our lawn, crocuses and "vitsippa" are popping up every where; the bulbs we planted in the Fall need a midnight guard against our friendly neighborhood deer but, many are surviving, and to our surprise, our lawn in covered with wild strawberries (smultron) -- blanketed. We live in an area that was once exclusively summer homes. It's been a live-and-learn experience for us, in terms of what actually grows here and how. When we bought our house in the winter, I don't think either one of us considered the lawn; but, when we moved in at the end of the Summer after not seeing it since it was blanketed with snow, we discovered that everything that had looked open in the Winter had turned into areas that were wild with raspberry briar patches encircling tall flowers that we couldn't reach without armor, set against a backdrop of cool blueberries patches under shady pine trees. Although, we had only moved a 20 minute drive from Stockholm's city center, we felt like we were far out in the archipelago here. Between nature and the whispers of hands that had worked this area 100 years ago, we're learning as we go, but have enjoying it more than expected. 

Whether you're in the city or the country side, do you plant a garden? I'm told that the safe planting or frost-free period in Stockholm isn't until June 1. Do you pay attention to the waves of Spring flowers? Do you prepare long ahead, do you just plant? Are you reluctant gardener or one with green thumbs? Have you experienced a move to a new climate which means re-learning what you knew about planting. 

Welcome back and Happy Monday wishes!  I hope Spring is singing where ever you live, too! (and, to you in the other half of the world: enjoy!)

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  1. We gained a wild strawberry three years ago (presumable thanks to a passing bird poop!) and by last summer we had about four square meters of the stuff, in fact it's become a bit of a problem round my veg patch because its quite hard to dig up!
    Our last frost dates in my part of Scotland are end of May apparently, so I'm having to patiently remind myself of that when my fingers are itching to sow courgettes and sweet corn, not yet, not yet, be patient! Good things come to those who wait!

    1. Little Macaroon, I'm so happy to hear your voice! I'm so curious about Scotland and really appreciate this little glimpse. Thank you.

      Hmm... it seems that we've been hit by a flock because before, we could only find a few along our street, suddenly our entire lawn is in bloom. It's amazing and for us, it's welcome - they're taking over a barren hill that was in need of help (formerly covered with these thickets of wild raspberries) I agree - in the north: good things come to those who wait. I'll never forget the sweetest strawberries in the world, --- in Norway where their season was late August! They were wildly sweet!

  2. Hi,
    just popped in and I'm now feeling very hungry! mainly for cakes and biscuits : ) The lemon water does sound great though - I'm a 'I need a cup of tea ' first thing person but.... I may give the lemon a go!
    It is lovely to see some flowers and greenery - it's been such a long winter this year.

    1. hm, wrong blog address - that's monday mornings for you!

    2. You've put a smile on my face! Lemon Cheers!

    3. I'm such a coffee lover, I can't even begin to tell you -- but, honestly, I now look forward to starting the day with lemon water due to all the good it's slyly delivered! However, the good news is (at least for me --- I'm no lemon-extremist) I have coffee but later in the morning--- it's here to stay. So nice to hear from you!

      Thank you, again, for making me laugh -- yes, it was about time I posted a slice of everyday life without confetti!

    4. no, no - confetti is good : ) but then so are bonfires!

  3. O my goodness, how very very sweet! I would love to grow strawberries (and carrots and zucchini...) here, but I think the heat would bake them even before they got one leaflet out lol! p.s. did you know Rebecca's having a little giveaway? ;)


Thank you!