Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools: No trees

Happy April 1st! Happy April Fools Day. Have you been pranked today?

Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte,” by Georges Seurat, in the original:
Woodhouse’s version:
Van Gogh:

Original Van Gogh 

Woodhouse’s version:

This "Treeless Project" is actually part of an awareness project by a Scottish professor, Iain Woodhouse, who maps forests. If you want to see more, I'll provide the link at the bottom. The images really stopped me. Do they do the same to you?

Since it is April Fools Day today, I can't close without asking if you were pranked today? Did you pull a prank? We've had a great 4 day weekend --- back to school tomorrow --- after, 4 festive days. I feel more relaxed and well-fed than I thought possible. Changing our clocks today, is really feeling like the biggest April Fools joke of all, tonight ---- Am I honestly getting up early, tomorrow morning, to exercise before the house is up?

Around here, today brought lots of gentle fooling: getting my clothes wet when I discovered that the water faucet had been taped: that the toothpaste had holes in the tube and that the breakfast cereal that had been swapped. What about you? Do you have the April Fools Day tradition where you live? In France and at school, people tape a "fish" on your back, as a part of a prank! I've found such cute little fish around the house today. Come to think of it, I'd better check my back now! ...

(I thank my friend Elise for sharing the treeless project!)

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