Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Monday: Look it in the eye and go!

Stockholm's Mini-Marathon: Look it in the eye and go!

I can think of no better way to start the week than to say: Look it in the eye and go!*We have 8 super fun and super charged days ahead of us. Will you do anything for St. Patrick's Day?  I can't wait to meet you back here tomorrow.

I heard the above quote earlier this morning, as I was working on parts of a surprise for the coming week. (Yep, it will come here eventually -- but today: mum's the word!) In the interview below, Lou, an octogenarian who was being interviewed about his weekly bachelor dinners, was encouraging those who were interviewing him to jump into the icy San Francisco Bay with these words and as he spoke them, you knew this was how he lived. Don't you love people who's actions remind of these words? For the full interview: click here for the Interview with the Kitchen Sisters on America's Test Kitchen.)

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PS. Thank you participants! 2 winners have been chosen through a blind drawing and have been notified for the Action Pack Giveaway. Thank you, Action Pack!


Thank you!