Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Printable: Clip-on Page-a-day Journals

It's travel journal time here and oh, are these fun!

Even before the kids could write well, I've always had them keep a journal -- writing and/or drawing -- when we travel or have a school vacation. These travel journals are real treasures and have become rituals, too. (more travel ritual here). I knew from the moment I found these clip-on key rings that I wanted to create mini clip-on page-per-day journals this Winter break. The kids immediately clipped them to backpacks. How cool is that? Do your kids too love anything that clips on, too?

You will find PDF's of these two variations below: #1: sun and #2: Ski
Let's Create:

Heavy Card Stock for the cover and back cover
Key ring with Lobster clip (In Sweden: here; or here)
Xacto knife
Paper for interior of the journal
Hole Punch

How to make these:
1. Begin by choosing the correct PDF file below. I printed 8 per page --- 2 side by side; 4 up -- but, you can just print one if that's all you need.
Print out cover: Printable PDF files
- US letter sized: Sun: click here
- US letter sized: Ski: click here
- European A4: Sun: click here
- European A4: Ski: click here
2. Cut cover and back cover; then interior pages to match. To make the example I made, make a guide like this: I folded my A4 (US: letter paper sized) in 1/2 lengthwise, then opened it and folded it in 1/2 and 1/2 again and cut along these folded lines. I wanted all of our journals to be different and made one with white pages and the other two with varied colors -- one in a complete rainbow. I also counted 4 pages per vacation day with hopes for drawing.

3. Punch holes on the left-hand side in the middle - cover, back cover and interior sheets -- matching all pages carefully.
4. Open key ring and slide into the hole.
5. Mission Accomplished: One Clippable page-per-day Journal. Have fun keeping!


  1. These are darling! I would like to print the EU ski one but can't seem to get it, goes to another screen but it is blank. I am using Google Chrome on Mac.

    1. What fun! Thank you so much for sharing this with me! I'll fix this within the next 3 hours OR if you'd like me to email you a PDF directly, just mail me at willowtweet (at) right now and I'll mail it while flipping pancakes - it's ready to go!

    2. Here's a new link for the A4 Ski Covers:

    3. ok, thanks, i got it still did not show then I noticed the gmail log-on so I logged into my account then the doc showed. Very if I can get my 8 and 9 year old to write a little I will be even happier!! Have a great day.

    4. Thank you for letting me know that this worked. I'm always a little worried when I press send -- it works here but, I'm posting to share and appreciate the feedback. Super and good luck! I hope they work for you.

      Yes, I really understand what you're talking about -- I used to try so hard with intense year-around writing projects (for their English) and felt that it was just so difficult on ALL of us on a regular everyday basis and that, instead tried this and it's worked well for us. I began by encouraging a drawing per day of something that we did that day when they were little and even now, feel that this can help to get started some days. I want them to enjoy vacations but, can feel with 3 language, they need to keep it alive and fresh! I imagine you might relate to this -- plus, they are truly such fun memory keepers. Bon Courage!

  2. I love this journal SO much and am absolutely going to incorporate it into our upcoming Easter trip to Norway!
    Did you procure the rings and clips locally? I love those rings for organizing info for my kids and seem to have used up my supply from "over there."

    1. This makes my day! These would be perfect for you.

      It's easy to miss but, I did source the rings in the "Supply" section above. I found mine locally at "bokbinderdesign" and was just there again recently. They had rings in 3 sizes. If you're also local, you might try the Panduro, too -- if this is more convenient. I don't know that they have these but, if it's on your route, it would be worth checking out, as well.

    2. Just ordered them (along with a GoPro helmet cam for the boys)from!!!

      Can't wait to try this - thanks again!

  3. Just saw you sourced the rings in your post! Got to curb my nasty skimming habit!

    1. You're in good company. Thank you for taking the time to comment!


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