Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bisous Bisous Pastries

These artful "bisous" are not for your cheeks but for your tummy. 
I thought Valentine's week was a perfect week to treat the kids to an after school pastry at the new cafe,  "Bisous Bisous." 

I'm over at Bellisimakids today sharing a new cafe called Bisous Bisous. It's located in the southern part of Stockholm
and has uniquely, distinctive, pastries that are as sweet as kisses with a definite french flair. In conversation at the cafe, I learned that the owner had studied in Paris and in Japan and that this was the influence behind her creations. Thank you to our friend, Anna A, sharing this discovery with us! Bon Apetit!  

For the full post,  I'm over at Bellisimakids today. Just click here the full post.


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  2. So wonderful to see and hear (well, read)! Such a special place and perfect for almost any holiday but especially Valentine's day. Bisous to you.

    1. Dearest - it's us who thank you! Yum! Merci et gros bises!


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