Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Snowy Day by Ezra Keats

The Snowy Day by Ezra Keats.  Although, I grew up in a northern climate with snow, I will never forget the first time I had this story, 
The Snowy Day, by Ezra Keats read to me. It's vivid pictorial remains fresh, as I walk in first snows today with our kids. 

I found this background to story and wondered if you'd heart this before?

In 1940, Life magazine published a short photo essay focused on a little boy in Liberty County, Ga., who was about to undergo a blood test. Keats was struck by the sweet images of the child, and cut the group of photographs out of the magazine. That little boy was the inspiration for Keats' character Peter, the African-American protagonist of The Snowy Day and six books that followed. 

For more from this interview with Keats, click here: NPR Interview, click here

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  1. I grew up in a warm climate and read it for the first time after moving to Minnesota. I make sure to pull it out and read it to my kids every winter!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this. It's just timeless, isn't it.


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