Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ice Skating Birthday Party

We are in the middle of planning our next winter birthday party and want to spread a little birthday  happiness to you, too. You might recognize the ice skating pompoms (here)?  Skating into 8 was great!" We're happy to let you glide through a few photos from this party. Oh, it was fun!


As soon as the theme was chosen, I began the quest for ice skate pom poms and my head began to whirl with ideas. We used pom poms to embellish everything from pom pom bubble gum necklaces, pom pom hot chocolate toppers, right down to polka dot cake. (I held my breath that the idea would work and we were so pleased!)

Above the table hung pink, purple and white tissue paper pompoms. The table was set with real china and ice skate tagged gift bags that designating seating. The center of the table was decorated with a trail
of pink and white meringues and napkin rings were made of pompoms which could be later used as pony tail holders.

I customized the invitations, thanks you notes and coloring pages all based on ice skating, complete with a figure 8. I've been just thrilled with all of the requests for party invitations (here) and (here) and for the privilege of sharing your birthday stories. Thank you so much, readers. Yes, I do custom work. I am also working on a simple series of cards (print and downloadable) that I hope to make available soon. I love to hear from you and don't hesitate contacting me regarding invitations (at willowtweet (at) or to just to share birthday stories here. Your stories really make my day.( ... "F" Vancouver and "W" from Houston, I hope your days were full of fantastic memories!)

When I saw One Charming Party's  bubble gum necklaces, I thought it was the perfect match. We made color coordinated necklaces for all of the guests as take home presents. (This was a labor of love: Sources for single colored gum balls don't exist in Sweden. The kids were stunned when I handed them over 100+ coins to start filling the bubble gum machine at our local grocery store, in order to get our pink, purple and white gum balls.)

Wishes for winter inspiration!

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  1. Wow that is some party! You put me to shame :-/

    1. Oh dear, thank you and I wish you the opposite! I've seen your knitting and am positive the creativity is present. (kids just want a party & fun...) it's me who loves making the details . I credit my mother for supporting kid kitchen & party creativity from the time I was very young!....

      Regarding photos, I don't know if this has happened to you, too?
      After lovingly throwing myself into a picture perfect 1st birthday for our oldest son's 1st birthday,
      (...where , afterwards we had only ONE photo of us --- 1/2 cropped out of the photo; with a wiggly, untucked, 1 year old and a wilted cake that was almost completely eaten up, I've learned how to take the photos I'll want to look back on and to set the camera down during a party.) ...

      I now take photos of details ahead of time (the cake, table, decorations) & and take only one photo during the party (better yet, ask someone else) the birthday boy or girl blowing out the candle; otherwise, no photos, only enjoyment. Thanks for coming by, as always!

  2. I wish I could be a child at your parties. They look so great.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful and truly creative party!

    1. Thank you. I appreciate your comment. It makes me relive the day.

  4. This is one of my absolute favorites!! Love it!
    Bisou O


Thank you!