Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Easiest DIY Birthday Candles

It's true: although hard for me to believe: our kids aren't overly wild about frosting. In fact, in Sweden, a lot children aren't too fond of traditional buttercream decorating icing. So, how to add a punch of color and character without frosting? These numerical candles are perfect! 

Choose any color and bend into shape. They're a super easy way to add a little originality, too. To see how these are made, just look below. 

Supplies: Long candles, burning candle, scissors and toothpicks

1) Choose a candle. (These are the plain, long, thin, candles found in your local grocery.) 2) Light another candle that is in a holder. This flame will be your source to soften the surface in order to literally bend the candle into a numeral. To do so, hold the candle about 2 inches above the flame for a fraction of a second; bend the candle into the numerical form. Working fairly quickly, continuously soften the candle in the areas that will need to bend. 3) Once the number has been formed, cool. When your number is complete, heat the bottom of the number and carefully pierce a toothpick into the base. That's it! Let cool and place on top of your cake. (If the toothpick isn't holding, just dip the base of the number into the melting candle wax (from the candle you've been using to form the number). Let it begin to cool and pierce with tooth pick.

Keep the shapes very simple.  Happy number making!

Reader question: Do you need more photos for assembly or is the how-to working for your?  I'm curious if you prefer illustrations, like these: click here or photos, as above.  I'd like to share tutorials that truly work for you and love to hear from you. 

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  1. What a great idea! So easy and simple——as the best ideas always are ;)

    For tutorials, I like the picture route. Maybe tutorials like that Valentine's One if there's something hidden from the eye (like for a knittig stitch).

    1. Thank you! I am extremely appreciative to receive your feedback. This time of the year, photos are difficult due to our very, small window of day light but, if it's helpful, then it's worth planning! Thank you, again.

      (Also, I think you can get candles in about every shape in the US; but, living in Sweden, there just aren't the same products available. It's made thinking outside the box a fun challenge. I agree: simple is often the best; less is can be more. I strive to share doable projects here so that people dare take the time to do these.)

    2. Even if they are available here, I think I'd rather make them your way! :)

      And, good to know for when (eek!) we move to Sweden!

    3. Thank you so much -- we're of like minds!
      And good luck as you prepare for your big adventure!

  2. Eeeppp! How could you think of this, such a NEAT idea! I love how the candle burns by following the shape of the number instead of the ordinary top to bottom melt down. Keeping this for the upcoming birthday! Thank you for sharing this creative idea!

    Reader answer: For the how to instructions, I prefer illustrations but to clearly understand how the finished craft works, I prefer photos.


Thank you!