Monday, January 21, 2013


Happy Monday every one, every where.
Happy National Holiday and Happy Inauguration Day, USA.

I've created a new "I have a dream..." card but, I'm afraid the post will have to wait. A few years ago we received our very first Martin Luther King card from our creative friends, Ross, Max and their mother, Alexia. The card was sweet and proved to be such a great conversational tool, too, for young kids. Don't you find that art is a terrific companion to conversation?  Throughout the years,  I've repeated the project and heard the most impressive, spontaneous, responses and reflections, from children  --- both my own and my international English students --- as they have created their cards for this day, while pondering the "I have a dream....."speech.  It is a message without boarders and I hope you have the chance to try, too. I shared their project, last year (click, here, for the full Martin Luther King Day card and tutorial.)

Last, I'll leave you with a "note-to-self," today. As I ran across this menu to the President's State Dinner (Bon Appetite) this morning,  I though of what an impression my own mother's printed menus to accompany occasional festive dinners, left on me, in my childhood. Wouldn't it be fun to print an Inaugural menu and do the same (or variation) for your family or a party on this day? Do you do anything special on this day? I'd love to hear from you. Wishing you a day, a week and a year that builds dreams.

(Use this artwork idea along with conversations, here)
Rainbows and dreams

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  1. What a wonderful idea : ) you've got me thinking of my dreams! we'll be having a go at this one : )

    1. This makes me happy! Thank you for sharing and I hope your week is off to a great start!


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